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"I called Power Window Pro to come fix my Mercedes and I was impressed since the very first phone call to set up the appointment. The staff was friendly and helpful and had someone come out to fix my window the very same day. The price matched the quote and was practically 70% less than what the dealer was going to charge me. The repair was done at the comfort of my own home, so I was able to cook dinner and help my children with their homework at the same time. I highly recommend Power Window Pro, they are the best!"

-Simone Schneider, Speech-Language Pathologist, Bonita Springs, FL

"The power window in my Ferrari stopped working, I called the dealer and they wanted to charge me $1,750 to fix it. Power Window Pro was able to fix the window for under $300 and they came right to my office, so I didn’t have to spend time and aggravation, drop off the car and wait a couple of days for the repair to be completed. They were so good, that my next door neighbor who owns a BMW, was able to get her window fixed right after they fixed my car. I would definitely recommend Power Window Pro if you want excellent service at more than reasonable prices."

- Robert Montana, Ft. Meyers, FL

"Where can you get your window repaired for under $100 bucks at your door? I called up several companies, and Power Window Pro was the only one to repair it for $89, and I didn’t even have to leave the house."

-Jose Sanchez, Naples, FL

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